Enjoy one of the best massage in Ribera de Chapala.

Relaxing Massage $1,600 MXN per person ( 55 minutes)  Helps relax muscles, release surface tension and improve blood circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage $1,800 MXN per person ( 55 minutes) Release tension in the deepest layers of the muscular tissues and; It is ideal for releasing chronic tension specifically in the neck, back and lower back. 

Sports Massage $ 1850 MXN per person ( 55 minutes) It aims to recover from high performance workouts and when you want to keep your body in optimal condition to continue training.

Hot Stones $2,000 MXN per person (1 Hour ) This massage induces the muscle to relax through localized heat with volcanic stones activating all our Chakras.                         All our theraphys included relax tea.


Hatha Yoga
A dynamic class for all levels, taught by certified YT200 teacher.
Enjoy the view of our skybar while you relax and exercise our skybar while you relax and exercise at the same time.
$1,000 MXN per couple (1hr)

Restorative Yoga
Induces deep mental and physical relaxation. The pulse and fluctuations of the mental waves slow down, and the nervous system goes into full rest.
$1,000 MXN per couple (1 hr)


Donaire Hotel Boutique host events on the SKYBAR , gardens and upper terrace such as corporate events, and unique celebrations.

Donaterra Catering services available for special events: (Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean,  Mexican fusion and Italian)

Any questions


This activity takes place in the place known as ¨las tinajas¨ near Ajijic or it can also be near San Juan Cósala.
Time: 4 hours.

Maximum capacity 6 people per group.
Cost: $ 650 MXN per person

HIKING (beginners, intermediate, advanced)

This walk is ideal for those who have the curiosity to explore and enjoy nature during their free time, without their physical condition being an impediment. This activity takes place on different trails in the mountains area of Ajijic.
Time: 2.5 hours approximate

Maximum capacity per group (12) pax
Cost: $500 MXN per person

Advanced hiking maximum capacity per group (6) pax                                                Time: 4.5 hours approximate                                                                                                    Cost: $700 MXN per person


You will enjoy beautiful views while you exercise in a different way. You can also meet some bird species  that visit our lake.
Time: 2.5 hours approx Maximum capacity per group (6) pax
Cost: $600 MXN per person

All tours include:
Guide with WFR certification
(For pandemic situation transportation is not available)
Medical expenses insurance

All tours will be made within 24 hrs before.
Minimum capacity per activity 2 people.
We require a 100% payment in advance to make the reservation.

Availability  and climate keep changing.